Trading & Risk Advisory

Risk management is deeply integral to commodity trading and the energy supply chain. Veritas can help your organization implement or strengthen existing risk control processes, or move beyond these to more integrated risk management and optimization.

Management of commodity risks includes proper policy, organization, governance, analysis tools and other systems. Veritas has practical expertise in these specialties, obtained during dozens of projects across multiple industries, commodities and financial markets. We understand best practices and, more importantly, how to right-size techniques to fit your firm’s current and anticipated requirements. We speak all of the languages required to solve this problem: trading, quantitative analysis, risk control, compliance and accounting.

In fact, accounting is closely associated with risk management processes and, in many firms, part of the same or closely related organization. Veritas provides deeps accounting expertise on its projects and stays abreast of developments in energy accounting, audit, and professional accounting oversight boards.

Our experts can help you with:

  • Risk Policy Development & Review
  • Risk Analytics including Value at Risk (VaR) & Advanced Credit Risk Measures (cVaR, PFE)
  • Risk Management Bench Marking
  • Complex Trade, Options & Real Options Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessments and Capabilities
  • Creation/Review of Risk Measures
  • Risk Organization Design & Review
  • Accounting Best Practices

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