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Navigating the ESG Spectrum

Stakeholders are demanding that organizations consider environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial factors when making investment and operational decisions.  This is complicated by the fact that governments are making pledges, and regulatory bodies are imposing rules that will force organizations to comply with minimal standards.

Some organizations will view ESG as a compliance issue, while others will embrace the opportunity to make global sustainability a critical component of their corporate strategy to leverage for competitive advantage.

Veritas Total Solutions can help companies achieve success from strategy through execution on their path to becoming a Conscientious Organization.

The Value Proposition


What is a Conscientious Organization?

The Conscientious Organization is strategically focused on meeting the needs of current shareholders without sacrificing the future of global stakeholders. The operational and investment focus shifts from achieving internal  metrics to taking responsibility for broader global consequences.

The organization’s capabilities reach peak maturity when Operational Excellence is redefined to embody ESG principles and tools, and consequently, this new operating philosophy extends throughout and beyond the enterprise.

The Goal: Global Sustainability through responsible industrial operations and investing.

Capability Maturity Model

Capability Maturity Model

Our Approach

Our approach integrates ESG through all facets of the organization's key corporate functions, including investments, procurement, operations & Human Resources.

An ESG management system is essential for measuring, managing and monitoring governance, stakeholder requirements, corporate policies, and operations. This is necessary to achieve the desired/optimal value internally & and externally.

The organization's philosophy for Operational Excellence is then redefined and supported with KPIs that integrate traditional metrics with ESG indicators.

Integrated ESG Management System

Integrated ESG Management System

Our ESG Services Include:

Climate Risk Modeling

Strategy Development

Capability Maturity Modeling & Progression

Integrated ESG Management System

Operationalizing ESG


Regulatory Compliance Analytics

Energy Transition

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