Riaan Opperman


Riaan has over 30 years of industry and advisory experience in upstream, downstream and midstream enterprise solutions including BI Architecture and ETRM systems. He has deep experience in RightAngle and technical skills in over dozens of other applications including custom applications. Riaan has both the business and technical skills to help customers overcome business challenges using technology. He is passionate about data and what insights can be gained from analyzing data in a meaningful fashion.

Prior to Veritas, Riaan worked in various roles at energy companies including Commercial Systems Supervisor at EnLink Midstream, BI Architect/Lead at Noble Energy (now Chevron), Senior Systems Analyst at Crosstex Energy and numerous consulting roles at other notable energy companies like Cobalt Energy and El Paso Corporation. In these roles, Riaan has done everything from defining requirements, system/application selection, designing and developing custom applications for IT, leading CTRM system implementations and upgrades to creating custom dashboards and reports. Riaan has been a part of 3 CTRM projects, built over 20 major dashboards and thousands of reports.

Riaan has a Bachelor’s in Information Science from Long Island University. He holds numerous certifications and volunteers for HOPE Worldwide and couch High School Bowling as a Silver level coach.